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The Pennsylvania Forestry Association is the nation’s oldest state organization devoted to forest conservation, stewardship and sustainability. 

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  • Woodland Owners FAQ

    The Woodland Owner FAQ contains a wealth of knowledge from information about tending your woods to what a forest management plan is. This page outlines the basic components of being a good forest steward. 

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  • Why Become a Member?

    Our goal is to encourage proper management of every acre of the Commonwealth’s private and public forests. Almost 60 percent of Pennsylvania is forestland, providing many products and services to both residents of Pennsylvania and people around the world.

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  • Walk In Penn's Woods

    Walk in Penn's Woods evolved from a simple statement made by landowner Ruth Park to a receptive audience in 2016: "I do wish we could ALL get out into the woods for a walk one day!"

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our mission

The PA Forestry Association is a broad-based citizen's organization that provides leadership and education in sound, science-based forest management.

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our vision

To be a leading proponent of sustainable forestry in Pennsylvania and provide a network for the exchange of ideas and information.

Connect with 1,500 Pennsylvaniansworking to maintain healthy forests for over 125 years.

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