Committees & Programs

2024 PFA Committees and Programs

Annual Symposium Committee:

The Annual Symposium Committee is charged with planning, organizing, and conducting PFA’s Annual Meeting. This committee critiques each Symposium and recommends future locations/venues, as well as changes, improvements, and suggestions to the Board so that they can be more relevant to the membership and be an incentive to attract new members. This committee meets approximately 3-4 times per year and will mostly maintain responsibilities at the Symposium.

- Chair Linda Finley, Nancy Baker, Matt Sampson, Mark Ott

Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee solicits and evaluates nominations. Also selects and presents the Sandy Cochran Outstanding Educator Award, the Joseph T Rothrock Outstanding Conservationist Award, and the Mira Lloyd Dock Award at the annual meeting. Nominations are due by September 1st.

- Chair Robb Piper, past award recipients are asked to assess the potential candidates.

Conservation Banquet Committee:

This committee works to organize, manage, and conduct the Annual Fund-Raising Conservation Banquet each March.

- Chair Mark Ott, Linda Finley, Mike Powell, John Laskowski, Julianne Schieffer, Randy White, and Roy Siefert.

Education & Communications Committee:

The PFA’s Education and Communication Committee, with the assistance of Powell’s Presence staff, generates a variety of messaging products (the quarterly Pennsylvania Forests magazine; the monthly News You Can Use e-newsletter, e-blasts, Facebook posts and press releases) to deliver information about the organization’s mission and activities in promoting sound, science-based forest management and stewardship of the resource to both its members and the public.

– Co-Chairs Linda Finley and Nancy Baker; Carol Alerich, Reneé Carey, Jan Zinn, John D. Laskowski, Marc Lewis, and Matt Sampson

Government Affairs Committee:

This committee tracks and reports on legislation and regulatory changes that impact Pennsylvania’s forests and forest owners.

–Chairs Susan Benedict, Jim Walizer, Richard Lewis

Finance and Investment Committee:

The Finance/Investment Committee proposes an annual budget to the Board of Directors for the upcoming year at the last board meeting in the current year. The Committee also reviews the treasurer’s reports and monitors additional board spending and income. The Committee selects, manages, and reviews the Association’s investments with professional assistance from the investment firm holding PFA assets.

– Co-Chairs Roy Siefert and Ken Manno, Richard Lewis, Mark Ott, Gene Odato, Robb Piper, and Thad Taylor

Forest Heritage Committee:

The Forest Heritage Committee works to preserve and showcase the heritage of forest conservation and forest fire protection in Pennsylvania. The Committee manages a Discovery Center celebrating Pennsylvania’s pioneers in forest stewardship–past, present and future.

– Chair Peter Linehan, John Bitzer, Roy Siefert, Paul Sebasavich, Joe Devilbiss, Mike Klimkos, Richard Lewis, Dan Bubnis, Randy White, Mark Ott, Bill Parr, Travis Pugh, Mike Powell, Linda Finley

Membership Committee:

This committee recommends and implements projects and activities designed to increase PFA membership. They work with the Association Manager to coordinate membership drives and locations to be present in. * This chair ideally is the vice president.

– Randy White, Gerald Hoy

Memorial Forestry Education Fund Committee:

This committee manages the process (receives project funding requests, approves project funding, and solicits and receives project reports) for forestry educational project funding provided by PFA.

– Chair Mike Powell, Roy Seifert, Susan Lacy

Nominating Committee:

The Committee establishes a slate of officers and board members, and develops a ballot, prior to the election. * Chair ideally should be an immediate past president

– Chair Marc Lewis, Linda Finley, Rachel Reyna, Gene Odato, Robb Piper

Outreach Committee:

Works to engage individuals and associations outside of the organization in strategic alliances that further the goals, objectives, and policies of both organizations. The Committee also recommends and implements projects and activities that show the promise of improving on the ground sustainable forest management or improving the public understanding of the management of Pennsylvania’s forests. This includes but is not limited to: Walk in Penn’s Woods, Ag Progress Days, PA Farm Show, Timber Expo, Landowner Expo, Annual Partner Calendars.

– Chair Wayne Bender, Matt Sampson, Nancy Baker, Linda Finley, Randy White, Mark Ott

Tree Farm Committee:

The Committee manages the Tree Farm Program in Pennsylvania including: developing and recommending an annual committee budget, providing broad technical support, supporting field inspections, updating the national database, and coordinating outreach and education.

– Chair Susan Benedict, Gary Gilmore, Linda Finley, Nancy Baker, Dave Trimpey, Bob Merrill, Tom Fitzgerald, Steve Leventelis

Bylaws Committee:

(AD HOC) The Bylaws Committee periodically reviews and suggests changes to the Association’s bylaws.

– Roy Siefert and Immediate Past President