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Our goal is to encourage proper management of every acre of the Commonwealth’s private and public forests. 

Almost 60 percent of Pennsylvania is forestland, providing many products and services to both residents of Pennsylvania and people around the world. Our forests provide countless recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, hunting, camping, and birdwatching. They provide essential food and shelter for wildlife helping to produce diverse populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Forests play an important role in keeping air and water clean and assist in flood prevention by absorbing rainfall and slowly releasing it back into the ecosystem. Our hardwood forests produce some of the finest black cherry and red oak logs in the world; sought globally for the manufacture of valuable, beautiful veneers, furniture, cabinets, and hardwood flooring. They also provide fuel to heat our homes, schools, factories and hospitals.

Since 1886, our members, all across the state, are forest landowners, resource professionals, educators and students, legislators, loggers, forest industry, businesses, and individuals who share a passion for advocating for the stewardship of Pennsylvania’s forest resources. Their interest, support, and dedication to helping others understand the importance of well-managed forests have made Penn’s Woods the viable, rich, and productive resource it is today. Won’t you join us? Expand your knowledge, gain know-how, and practice proper forest stewardship as a PFA member today!

  • $30 Individual/Family
  • $15 Student/Library (student ID required)
  • $1000 Life Member


Pennsylvania Forests

Our magazine is our foothold in disseminating information. Originally published as Forest Leaves in 1886, our magazine Pennsylvania Forests is now a full-color quarterly magazine (free with membership), which addresses forestry topics. Each issue has a general theme, PFA Updates, theme-related articles, book reviews, and a variety of information to assist our readers in remaining up to date on our precious woods. 

In addition, members may choose to also receive News You Can Use, a monthly electronic newsletter, covering people, events, opportunities for education and training, federal and state legislation status, and management updates in brief. Readers can delve deeper by following links to learn more. 

All PFA members receive Forest Leaves, either as a quarterly print publication or monthly electronic newsletter in cooperation with the Jim Finley Center for Private Forests. As well as an annual copy of the Woodlands magazine.  

Announcements of our Annual Symposium, Rambles, and Conservation Dinner. 

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