PA Big Trees

Working diligently to preserve and promote these living icons

Champion trees represent the largest of their particular species. They grow, survive, and thrive despite threats from disease, pests, storms, fires, and humans; champion trees are among the forest’s greatest treasures. Over the course of their lifetimes, champion trees provide countless valuable resources, which is why the Pennsylvania Forestry Association established the Pennsylvania Champion Tree Program. 

For more than 50 years, conservationists associated with the Big Tree Program have been seeking out and documenting the grandest trees in Pennsylvania. They work diligently to preserve and promote these living icons and to educate people about the key role big trees play in sustaining our forests and our environment.

The Champion Tree Program is one of many resources PFA provides to Commonwealth citizens. Finding, measuring, and nominating big trees is an enjoyable outdoor hobby. Join us in our effort to conserve, preserve, and appreciate Penn’s Woods by helping identify these beautiful trees!