THE PA FORESTRY ASSOCIATION IS A BROAD BASED CITIZEN’S ORGANIZATION that provides leadership and education in sound, science-based forest management; we promote stewardship to ensure the sustainability of all forest resources, resulting in benefits for all, today and in the future.

We believe William Penn would be proud of the forest stewardship efforts the Pennsylvania Forestry Association has made on behalf of Penn’s beloved New World Colony. In 1681, Penn admonished the colonists to leave one acre of trees for every five acres cleared. We have done better than that. Approximately three of five acres in the Commonwealth are forests—forests that provide resources benefiting not only all Pennsylvanians but people beyond the borders of our state, and the coastlines of our country.

Our forests influence and touch our lives every day. What would the quality of our water or air be without forests? Where would our wildlife live? Where else would we go for refuge and inspiration? What other natural resource offers us food, paper, and furniture prized the world over for the quality of its wood? With science-based forest management, our forest—Penn’s Woods—will remain and thrive, renewing with each generation to serve humanity in countless ways.

There is much concern today about environmental degradation and forest depletion. Since 1886, The Pennsylvania Forestry Association has been working to promote forest stewardship to ensure the sustainability of all forest resources. Among our members are forest landowners, forest industries, resources professionals, loggers, private citizens, environmental groups, and businesses who care about Pennsylvania’s forest resources. Working together we can ensure the sustainability of our forests and the vital resources they provide. Our stewardship efforts today will assure future generations of a strong, healthy working Penn’s Woods.