Annual Symposium

PFA's annual symposium focuses on relevant forestry issues. This symposium is also our annual awards gathering.

The Pennsylvania Forestry Association welcomes the opportunity for the Bureau of Forestry Leadership team and Bureau of Forestry Forest Resources Planning Section to share the Bureau’s new strategic plan. 

For over 125 years, the Bureau of Forestry has worked in partnership with the public and stakeholders

to well manage and steward the forests of Pennsylvania. Over the past 30 years, since the

establishment of its first strategic plan Penn’s Woods, the Bureau of Forestry has been building from

its foundations and engaging in new ways with people and forest resources. Today, the forests of

Pennsylvania – and the people they support – are facing new and complex challenges. The Bureau of

Forestry and its partners, peers, and public have been developing a new strategic plan that will chart

the path forward for facing these challenges and generating a future where we, together, care for

Pennsylvania’s forests for all.

On November 4, join PFA members and friends learn more about the Bureau of Forestry future plan. What it means to you and your passion for and role in caring for the forests of Pennsylvania. Speakers will address three key themes of the plan throughout the day:  Making Connections, Stewarding Resources, and Working Together.

Come and ask questions, engage with the Bureau and each other about the future of our collective forests.

Registration open till November 3 at 4pm.  Walk ins may be accepted. 

Toftrees Resort and Conference Center Hotel Reservations:  814-234-8000 Deadline October 20, 2023


DCNR Bureau of Forestry Presenters:

Matt Keefer:  Assistant State Forester/Director DCNR Bureau of Forestry

Jason Albright:  Assistant State Forester/Director DCNR Bureau of Forestry

Rebecca Bowen:  Chief of the Conservation Science and Ecological Resources Division

Rosa Yoo:  Forest Health Manager, Division of Forest Health.

Teddi Stark:  Watershed Forestry Program Manager

Ned Brockmeyer:  Tree Vitalize Program Manager

John Schwartzer:  Forestry Woodland Stewardship Practices

Carissa Schnabel: Programs and Partnerships Coordinator