Robb Piper, Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farm Inspector of the Year 2018

Cambria County

Robb Piper has been selected as the Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farm Inspector for 2018. Robb is a retired Cambria County Conservation District Manager and now works as a private consulting forester. Robb prepares forest management plans and provides other timber management services as needed, including timber sale administration. Robb started as a Tree Farm inspector 1982 and has since certified over 50 tree farms. In 2018 he assisted with setting up the Cambria County tour for the American Tree Farm System national 3rd party assessment and completed all required inspections for the state quota as well as those due for the 5 year periodic inspections in the Cambria County area.

Robb served as Tree Farm Committee Chair from 1994-1995, and was an active member of the committee until 2007. Robb also served as a member of the Pennsylvania Planning Committee that hosted the National Tree Farm Convention held in Hershey, PA in 2001. In addition, while Robb was president of the PA Forestry Association talks were initiated over Tree Farm moving to become a full committee within the association.