John W. Hoover, Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year 2011

The Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year for 2011 is John W. Hoover. The 584-acre Tree Farm is located in in Liberty and Marion townships Centre County. John is the 5th generation of family ownership that began in 1866. John inherited a small undivided interest in part of the current tree farm. Over a 14-year period John purchased other family interests and later acquired adjoining properties. John became a Pennsylvania Forest Steward in 1993, and the property was enrolled as an American Tree Farm program in 2001.

John conducted sustainable forest timber harvests in 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011 that were managed by his Forester Dave Aumen. The retired log landings were later improved and made into wildlife clearings. The deer population has been managed by a local hunting club that was started in 1992. Successful forest regeneration has resulted without fencing by controlling the deer population. Other forestry improvements conducted on the property are invasives control using herbicide treatments and planting seedlings.