John & Maureen Burnham, Tree Farmers of the Year 2010

Washington County, 450 Acres

The Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year is John C. Burnham. The Burnham Tree Farm is managed as a family property, committed to demonstrating best management practices, providing a venue for outreach and education and becoming economically sustainable. John began managing the family property as a Tree Farm/Stewardship Forest in 1998. Since that time, John has completed numerous large scale tree plantings, completed several crop tree releases, completed many acres of timber stand improvement (tsi), and has waged war on many of the invasive plants threatening his property.

John also has a Timber Harvester band mill on the property, in which he does specialty sawing and drying for his own use. John was the founding president of SWPWO (Southwest PA Woodland Owners) and has opened up his property for many tours and demonstrations to various forestry professionals, private forest landowners and many other groups of interested people. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and countless hours of volunteer work make John a very worthy recipient of this award.