Jim & Libby Walizer, Northeast Region Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year 2006

Centre County, 248 Acres

Please join us in congratulating the Walizers as the Northeast Region Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. Jim and Libby own a 248-acre Tree Farm in Centre County, PA. They like to think of their tree farming activities as a total package, managing for water, wildlife, recreation and wood. Jim has planted thousands of trees on the property including riparian forest buffers and two chestnut orchards. The Walizers also stress education and are very active with their outreach efforts in the hope that it will encourage others to practice better forest management.

The Walizers will attend the National Tree Farm Convention in Mobile, Alabama, October 19-22, where they are in the running for the national award. They are competing against three other Tree Farmers from across the U.S. We congratulate them on their achievements and send them our best wishes for future success