Sagamore Big game Club, Tree Farmer of the Year 2005

Elk County, 1157 acres

On October 13th at the annual Pennsylvania Forestry Association's Banquet, the Tree Farm Committee formally recognized the Sagamore Big Game Club as the 2005 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year. Agents Don Orgis, Cliff Anderson, and John Monroe represented the club. Service Forester Jim McGarvey nominated the club for the award. The Tree Farm consists of 1157 acres located in the southeastern Elk County. The club was first organized in 1920 when the property was purchased as recently clear-cut forestland.

There are 25 owners of the property. Multiple generations of past club members are still enjoying the club property. Many of the owners are grandchildren and great grandchildren of the original 1920 owners.

Through the guidance of professional forester Paul Noll, Noll's Forestry Services, the membership has accomplished more than 400 acres of timber stand improvement and grape vine removal, cutting predominantly cull and pulpwood trees of poor quality and undesirable species. Paul completed a Forest Stewardship Management Plan for the property in 2002.

A 70-acre shelterwood harvest (the club representatives do not believe in diameter limit cutting) was completed for regeneration purposes in 2003. All trees except those designated as seed trees were cut. The entire 70 acres was treated with an herbicide to control fern and interfering brush prior to the harvest and a deer exclusion fence was installed around a 50-acre section of the harvest. To promote regeneration of desirable species, a supplemental planting of a variety of species is done each spring in the deer enclosure.
Miles of roads have also been stabilized and improved. Numerous culverts (more than 50) and broad based dips have been installed. Each time a timber sale occurs skid trails are laid out properly, graded, water barred and seeded at the end of the harvesting. Log landings are also seeded for wildlife.

Seeing the results of their work, the club members have been promoting Tree Farming to family and friends. The club hosted the North central Forest Landowners Association for a woods walk demonstration in the fall of 2002. The property is also open to the public for hunting in order to control the deer population.