John & Kim Daugherty, Tree Farmers of the Year 2003

Clarion County, 52 acres

John and Kim Daugherty of Knox (Clarion County) purchased Irish Acres, a 52-acre Tree Farm, five years ago. As often happens, the previous owners had high-graded the woodlands, removing the economically valuable trees before selling it. John is also the owner and manager of Timber Resources Unlimited, a forestry consulting firm and dealer in forest products. As a forester, he uses his knowledge on his own land by removing cull trees and retaining trees that may still have value as timber. To supplement their income and put some old fields to work, the Daughertys are also starting a Christmas tree business.

The Daughertys proactively manage their property to control deer browsing and invasive plants. Several strategically placed deer stands help keep the deer population under control, and the result has been an abundance of tree regeneration in the woods. In addition, they have declared war on multiflora rose by spraying the invasive plants with the herbicide glyphosate during the blooming season.

John also actively volunteers for forestry programs. He is currently chair of the Clarion County Forest Stewardship Committee and the past chair of the Pennsylvania Tree Farm Committee. He and Kim regularly use their Tree Farm to introduce school children to forests and sustainable forestry.

As Tree Farmers of the Year, John and Kim received a Stihl chainsaw, complete with protective gear, a wall plaque, and a four-by-eight foot sign declaring Irish Acres the 2003 Pennsylvania Tree Farm of the Year.