Spencer Stamy Tree Farmer of the Year 2002

Cumberland County, 26 acres

"Spencer Stamy has done an exemplary job of Planting and tending extensive hardwood and conifer plantings on his farm." According to Service Forester Bruce Kile, "He eagerly follows recommendations from resource professionals and all commercial timber harvests on his property are conducted by a professional forester using silvicultural prescriptions."

Bureau of Forestry Stewardship Coordinator Jim Stiehler was especially impressed by Mr. Stamy's hardwood plantation. "It is about eight acres, and the trees are about fifteen years old now," says Stiehler. "They're mostly oaks and ash, and are about four inches in diameter and fifteen feet tall. The care he puts into maintaining the trees is remarkable; he planted the trees in tubes to protect them from deer browsing and carefully mows between them to control interfering plants. When the trees began emerging from the tubes, bucks started damaging the trees by rubbing them. So, Spencer installed a unique three-wire electric fence to keep the bucks out."

Mr. Stamy also shares his knowledge about sound forest management with others by making his Tree Farm available for forest landowner workshops.