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Almost 60 percent of Pennsylvania is forestland, providing many products and services to both residents of Pennsylvania and people around the world. Our forests provide countless recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, hunting, camping, and birdwatching. They provide essential food and shelter for wildlife helping to produce diverse populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Forests play an important role in keeping air and water clean and assist in flood prevention by absorbing rainfall and slowly releasing it back into the ecosystem. Our hardwood forests produce some of the finest black cherry and red oak logs in the world; sought globally for the manufacture of valuable, beautiful veneers, furniture, cabinets, and hardwood flooring. They also provide fuel to heat our homes, schools, factories and hospitals.

Informed decisions by landowners, policy makers, and forest managers are key to forests providing these values to society. At the heart of this is education, a primary role of The Pennsylvania Forestry Association. The Education and Communication committee encourages and fosters sustainable management of all forest lands and natural resources of the Commonwealth through promoting and developing educational programs and materials for PFA’s members and the Citizens of the Commonwealth. It supports and assists the staff, Board of Directors, other committees, and related programs in environmental education, which all work to communicate the value and importance of PFA.  It is responsible for Pennsylvania Forests, the PFA Web site, the PFA Facebook page, and the News-You-Can-Use E-Newsletter.

Pennsylvania Forests

Pennsylvania Forests is a full-color quarterly magazine (free with membership), which addresses forestry topics. Each issue has a general theme, along with features including “Views You Can Use,” PFA Updates, theme-related articles, book reviews, an informative focus on a state forest district, the Pennsylvania Profile cartoon and unsolicited articles.

Current and Upcoming Issue Topics:

Summer 2016: Forest Insects
Spring 2016:  Ephemeral Pools
Winter 2015-2016: Pennsylvania’s Forest Birds  READ THIS SAMPLE MAGAZINE.
Fall 2015: New Technology in Forestry
Summer 2015: Agroforestry in Pennsylvania 


The Pennsylvania Forestry Association provides opportunities for its members to get involved in recreation and forest management activities by offering “Rambles” each year. These Rambles have included the “Elk Watch Ramble,” providing opportunities to view the majestic Pennsylvania elk and learn about this species’ life history with an experienced expert as a guide,  the “Tree Planting Ramble,” offering a chance to get involved in forest management and plant trees on disturbed forestland  (Tree planting is often used to help regenerate forests following fire or a harvesting operation. This is a great opportunity to do something wonderful for future generations!).  A PFA “Canoe Ramble” provides a chance to experience the beauty of Pennsylvania waterways and enjoy the company of good friends and fellow members. Our “Rothock Hike” provides an opportunity to see the southern  Pennsylvania landscape from Joseph T. Rothrock’s Pinnacle Rock.  All rambles are open to PFA members.


Joseph Trimble Rothrock
Current Conditions and Future Outlook of Penn’s Woods