Welcome Tree Farmers

    November 12, 2016

    The PFA Board Welcomes Approximately 750 PA Tree Farmers to Pennsylvania Forestry Association Membership 

     After a comprehensive strategic planning process the Pennsylvania Tree Farm Committee voted to pursue third-party certification of PA Tree Farms through the American Tree Farm System.  This action will yield current and future benefits for PA certified Tree Farms.  To be a “Certified Tree Farm” means PA Tree Farmers will join an elite group of Tree Farmers who are recognized globally for sustainable forest management.  The ability to offer certified products also supports Pennsylvania’s vibrant forest products industry as new “certified” wood markets and products are developed and expanded.

     It was recognized early on that Tree Farm certification will require professional record keeping and administration. To this end, the PA TFC voted to consolidate with the Pennsylvania Forestry Association (PFA). Both organizations share the objective of sustainable management of PA’s timber, water, recreation and wildlife resources. 

     PFA and the PA TFC are moving ahead with the implementation of a plan to consolidate the PFA and PA TFC operations. Basically PFA has become the “administrative home” for the PA TFC. The following implementation steps are completed or underway.

    • Training on the Tree Farm database has been conducted by the staff of the American Forest Foundation for the staff of Versant Strategies, PFA’s association management firm.
    • The Tree Farm checking account has been closed and the remaining funds have been transferred to PFA for custodial management.
    • The Tree Farm Committee is now a PFA Standing Committee and as such will report quarterly to the PFA Board of Directors.
    • Tree Farm members will begin receiving Pennsylvania Forests magazine in 2017 and the PFA monthly electronic newsletter “Forestry News You Can Use” beginning in December 2016.
    • PFA and the TFC will host the cost of the first year (2017) of PFA Tree Farmer membership. After this one year of hosted PFA TF membership Tree Farmers will be invoiced for PFA TF 2018 annual dues of approximately $50-$100 in October 2017.
    • The TFC committee will be asked to suggest presentations of interest for tree farmers at the PFA 2016 Annual Meeting.
    • The PFA Executive Committee members and Tree Farm Committee leadership members will meet regularly for the first year to further coordinate this joint transition plan.

    The Pennsylvania Forestry Association and Tree Farm Committee are excited about the opportunity to move the Tree Farm program ahead in Pennsylvania in concert with the new national initiative to accelerate certification of Pennsylvania Tree Farms.

     All future contacts by mail, phone or email regarding the Tree Farm Program should be directed to the following address and phone number: Pennsylvania Forestry Association, 116 Pine Street, 5th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17101 thepfa@paforestry.org,1-800-835-8065 or 717-234-2500.