I’d like to do some of my own work in the woods, but I’d also like to feel more confident in my chainsaw skills!

The Game of Logging (GOL) is widely acknowledged as the premier timber harvesting training program in the country, offering hands on training in a competitive environment.  Top instructors combine demonstration with participation to teach safety, productivity, conservation and cutting techniques. The training is offered to professional loggers, foresters, college students, forest landowners, casual users, city-parks and utility workers, firemen, and anyone interested in learning any of the safety techniques.

GOL offers five levels of chainsaw safety training and covers safety apparel and hazard assessment, developing a plan for felling trees to include handling leaners and other problem situations, identifying and handling overhead hazards, planning escape routes, controlling notch size and hinge thickness, and proper felling techniques. All levels are full-day sessions in the woods. Level five is a refresher course covering key points from the first four sessions. This training must be taken in numerical order.

In Pennsylvania, much of Game of Logging Training is scheduled by the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Established through the efforts of a broad range of industry participants, the PA SFI® training program is designed to foster understanding of the SFI® program principles, Best Management Practices (BMPs), regeneration and resource conservation, safety and OSHA issues, transportation, and business management.  To learn more about Game of Logging Training visit the PaSFI website or contact Nate Fice, PASFI Executive Director, Phone/Fax: 570.731.4269, pasfi@sfiofpa.org.