Where can I find information about the health of my trees?

If your woodlot or forest land shows signs of pest or disease damage contact the DCNR-Bureau of Forestry service forester for your county.

DCNR protects Pennsylvania’s forests, both public and private, from harmful insects, diseases, and other destructive agents. The Bureau of Forestry promotes programs to improve and maintain the long-term health and biodiversity of forest ecosystems (including urban forests). The Bureau of Forestry’s Forest Pest Management Division evaluates factors affecting the health of trees and woodlands, utilizes integrated pest management techniques to mitigate the effects of destructive agents, and promotes forest health to the public.  The bureau maintains a webpage to help forest landowners learn about various forest pests and diseases  This page links to information about insect pests, diseases of forest trees, and reports on the current status of forest health in Pennsylvania.  Excellent additional sources of information can be found at the US Forest Service, Northeastern Area Forest Health site.