Where can I meet other forest landowners who are managing their land?

Join a Pennsylvania Woodland Owners Association: Providing educational opportunities to Pennsylvania’s private forest landowners is an important objective for the 29 local and regional landowner associations in Pennsylvania; most use meetings, field demonstrations, tours, seminars, and newsletters to provide information about forests and sound forest management to their members and to people in the local communities. In addition to exposure to the latest forest stewardship and management principles from forestry professionals, the associations provide a wonderful opportunity to meet and share woodlands experiences with other woodland owners in your community.

Joining a local association dedicated to forest stewardship is an excellent way to learn about our forest resources and our forest landowners.

Pennsylvania Forest Stewards:  The Pennsylvania Forest Steward Program (PaFSs) trains volunteers in the principles of forest stewardship so they can share what they learn with forest landowners throughout Pennsylvania. PaFSs initially receive 40 hours of classroom and field training in forest ecology, wildlife science, environmental resource management and other subjects related to forest stewardship from the Penn State Natural Resources Cooperative Extension and from DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry.  In exchange, they invest a like amount of their time relaying what they have learned to help and motivate forest landowners in their communities.  More than 500 strong, these individuals donate tens of thousands of volunteer hours, reaching over nearly 20,000 clients each year.  PaFS volunteers will be happy to discuss woodlands with you and assist you in finding answers to your questions.

You can find their website at http://extension.psu.edu/paforeststewards; contact them at E-mail: RNRext@psu.edu or Phone: 1-800-235-WISE

Women and Their Woods: Throughout Pennsylvania, women are increasingly responsible for the stewardship of private forestlands. Women landowners require accurate information and relevant knowledge about available options for managing their properties.  Women and Their Woods is a dynamic, fun and informative program that teaches women to effectively care for their lands.  Women and Their Woods emphasizes hands-on activities, knowledge-based decisions, conservation stewardship and the value of intact forestlands and it instills in women landowners a sense of confidence in their abilities to meet the challenges of forestland ownership.  The program is administered by Penn State Natural Resources Extension and the Delaware Highlands Conservancy with additional support from the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program, the US Forest Service at Grey Towers and the PA DCNR Department of Conservation and Recreation.  For additional information please contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at (570) 226-3164 / conserve@delawarehighlands.orgor Penn State Natural Resources Extension (814) 865-3208 / abm173@psu.edu.

The Pennsylvania Forestry Association welcomes all landowners to participate in our educational programs, informative outings and meetings and to enjoy our useful publications.  You’ll find a warm reception from our members, and you can investigate our calendar of events, find interesting books, and always get a quick answer for your questions from our experts here on the web or from the PFA office.