Where can I find information about tending my woods?

Penn State Natural Resources Extension has a wealth of easily accessible information on private forest land ownership. Links to News, Events, the History of Penn’s Woods, Tools and Resources, Tending Your Forest, Pennsylvania’s Woodland Owner Associations, the Forest Stewardship Program, and the Timber Market Report on all on this website. You will especially want to sign up for the free quarterly newsletter, Forest Leaves, and read the series of 15 short publications on Forest Stewardship  which include subjects from planning to terminology, harvesting to watershed management, beauty and enjoyment to estate planning.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry is the primary Bureau of Forestry webpage for private forest landowners. You’ll also want to investigate their information about wildfire, wild plants, and insects and disease from this page. United States Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service:

Useful information for the Northeastern United States is available at the USDA Northeastern area forest service site including stewardship publications, sample stewardship plans, forest health publications and Silvics of the United States, a two-volume set describing the biology of tree species growing on US forest lands.


The PA Forests Web Seminar Center provides web-based educational programs and materials for forest owners, extension educators, and natural resource professionals. The center’s goal is to offer “live” seminars on forest resource related topics. A listing of scheduled seminar topics and dates is available on the Upcoming Seminars link. You can view previously recorded seminars and educational material by clicking the Previous Seminars link.

Cornell University’s ForestConnect also provides excellent webinars every month; both current and recorded presentations and their associated files are available.