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PA Tree Farm Field Day

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Jefferson PA

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Rebecca Trigger and son, Mark Foley, 2020 Tree Farmers of the Year, invite you for a guided tour to view their forestry work on their tree farm. The tree farm is 140 acres with about 100 acres of woodland and 25 acres of pollinator fields in various stages of growth. The tour includes hands on demonstration of tools, techniques and resources to establish and maintain a healthy forest.

Come prepared to walk in the woods rain or shine.


127 Valley View Rd, Jefferson, PA 15344
(Greene County)

If above address does not show up on GPS, use the address of the commercial building across from farm:

492 Haver's Hill Rd, Jefferson, PA 15344

Who Is It For?

Do you own forest land? Do you have an interest in forests and wildlife? Have you ever wondered what a Tree Farm is? Would you like to find out the best way to manage your forest for many benefits? If you answered yes to ANY of the questions above, then this field day is for YOU!

Descriptions of Tour Stops

  • Invasive Plant Identification and Control: Learn to identify Tree of Heaven and learn control using hack and squirt technique. Also includes other invasive plants, such as mile-a-minute vine, along with results of recent study done with West Virginia University using biological control of mile-a-minute. A demonstration on "invasive plant survey and management with drones" will be provided.
  • Hardwood Tree Planting: This stop will show areas planted with hardwood tree seedlings. Includes how to use a dibble to plant seedlings, the use of Plantra tree tubes to protect from deer browse and enhance growth, weed control, tips on funding programs and assistance with planting from local high school youth.
  • Grapevine Control: Demonstration of how to use a light weight battery pole saw to cut and control grape vines and system to track work. Shade keeps vine growth in check and the deer do the rest by browsing the re-sprouts.
  • Crop Tree Management: Tour the forestry work of the woodlands from areas worked on compared with areas not yet worked on. Includes areas that have been thinned, crop tree release, and vine control.
  • Pollinator Plots: View plots and discover how they are established and what the recovery plan is for monarch butterfly habitat establishment.
  • Family Forest Carbon Program: Discussion and information on new American Forest Foundation carbon program.

Tour Guides/Speakers: Russell Gibbs, Service Forester, PA Bureau of Forestry, Tony Quadro, Private Consulting Forester, Sarah Hall-Bagdonas, Landowner Assistance Manager, Family Forest Carbon Program, American Forest Foundation, Richard Reardon, Entomologist, USDA Forest Service (retired), Yong-Lak Park, Professor of Entomology, West Virginia University, and Jose Taracido, Wildlife Conservation Specialist, California University.

View brochure and registration form (PDF) or Register Online