PFA members, all across the state, are forest landowners, resource professionals, educators and students, legislators, loggers, forest industry, businesses, and individuals who share a passion advocating for the stewardship of Pennsylvania’s forest resources. Their interest, support and dedication to helping others understand the importance of well-managed forests have made Penn’s Woods the viable, rich and productive resource it is today. Won’t you join us? Expand your knowledge, gain know-how, and practice proper forest stewardship as a PFA member today!

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Our Mission

“The Pennsylvania Forestry Association is a broad-based citizen’s organization that provides leadership and education in sound, science-based forest management; we promote stewardship to ensure the sustainability of all forest resources, resulting in benefits for all, today and into the future.”

The Pennsylvania Forestry Association is the nation’s oldest state organization devoted to forest conservation. Its goal is to encourage proper management on every acre of the Commonwealth’s private and public forest. Covering almost 60% of the state, these forests are a renewable and sustainable resource that requires proper management to sustain its productivity. Responsible stewardship of these forests represents a commitment that ensures future generations will benefit from all the values that flow from the state’s forests.

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Staying in Touch

Pennsylvania Forests, PFA’s full-color quarterly magazine, focuses on the care of forest land and the resources they provide. Every issue contains useful information - from management techniques, to tax and market conditions, to recreational opportunities. In addition, members may choose to also receive News You Can Use, a monthly electronic newsletter, covering people, events, opportunities for education and training, federal and state legislation status, and management updates in brief. Readers can delve deeper by following links to learn more. All PFA members receive Forest Leaves, either as a quarterly print publication or monthly electronic newsletter in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship program.

Educational Opportunities

PFA partners with local woodland owner associations, state agencies, educational institutions, industry and many NGOs to offer workshops about forestry across the state. You can learn about many of these programs through listings in Forest Leaves, News You Can Use, and by accessing PFA’s website. PFA’s annual meeting provides an opportunity to meet other members who share an interest in learning about forests.

Tree Farm Program

PFA sponsors the state’s Tree Farm Program, which since the 1940s has stood for sustainable forestry. Tree Farmers demonstrate their commitment to forests by managing their land to produce a continuous crop of trees while providing wildlife habitat, clean water, and outdoor recreation. Certified Tree Farmers follow standards established by the American Tree Farm System. To be a PA Tree Farmer all you need is 10 acres, a certified plan, and a commitment to sustainable forest management.

Forest Heritage Committee

The former Pennsylvania Forest Heritage Association, now the PFA Forest Heritage committee, works to showcase Pennsylvania’s forest conservation and fire protection history. It seeks to celebrate state’s pioneers in forest stewardship - past, present, and future as it operates and staffs the Forest History Discovery Center in Caledonia State Park, Franklin County. The committee invites forest history buffs, volunteer docents, and visitors to support their efforts.

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